John Morgan is a pastor, evangelist, trainer, and mentor. John loves God and loves the church and has committed his lifetime to building it as strong, exciting and vibrant counterpart to an amazing Savior. John is totally committed to seeing the church become a mature Christ-centered culture where people grow intellectually sound, emotionally stable, physically healthy, spiritually passionate, and where people develop real relationships and true community. This is the vision and strategy behind the two52ministry model John has pioneered based on Luke 2:52, and he is passionate and dedicated to helping ministries and local churches develop this authentic Christ culture in today’s emerging generation. John’s energetic and humorous style puts his audiences at ease, and people are deeply impacted by the truths he communicates and by the ministry of the Holy Spirit he flows in. He brings valuable insights into all areas of life, and is constant demand as a speaker across the globe.

John is based at Family Christian Center in Munster, Indiana where he leads the ministry of two52 youth culture, serves as Pastor of Student Ministries, and runs the Two52 Conference. He began full-time ministry in 1989 when he traveled from the Hillsong to New Zealand with a team of three to pioneer South City Christian Life Centre in Manukau City. John resided in New Zealand for 13 years before moving to the USA. During his time in New Zealand he planted four churches, ran Youth Alive Auckland and hosted the Youth Invasion Conference.

The areas John is most demand for are
1) Church Services and conferences
2) Youth Services, events, and camps
3) Consulting and Mentoring
4) Leadership development seminars

John is delighted to be married to Anna, who is the worship pastor at Family Christian Center. John has three daughters Sharayah, Chloe and Brooke.


I see a generation rising for the cause of Christ and for the purpose of His Kingdom.
A generation of young men and young women, making a stand, living it loud, and enjoying their life without compromise.
Wisdom is in their mouth, Strength is in their hand, Faith is in their heart and social justice is their agenda.

I see a church with a heart for this emerging generation, a church that sees them, not only as the church of tomorrow, but relevant and vital to the life and soul of the church today.
I see a church preaching the fullness of Christ., a church that increases intellectually, physically, spiritually and socially.